Saturday, 3 January 2015

135 Tors? I might need a rethink....

3 days in and I still haven't climbed a Tor. That doesn't bother me too much, after all, this is only meant to be a little bit of fun, not a new years resolution to be on Dartmoor everyday.

It has been exciting to have a few people take interest and encourage me in this little adventure of mine, and also quite nice to find I'm not alone.  In fact, I have learnt today that there is actually a name for what I'm doing - 'Tor Bagging', and there is a community of like minded people who have been doing just that for many years at

I will let Paul Buck explain Tor Bagging from his blog as featured in Active Dartmoor Magazine, after all, this was how I discovered such a phenomenon.

So with this new found information, I have decided to change my list of 135 tors to Ken Ringwoods list of 425, which includes rocks!  There's a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I always knew there were more than 135 tors on Dartmoor, but I couldn't find a good enough list that I could use. Secondly, having more tors to tick off means I have more places to go, more sights to see, more exploring to enjoy and more chances of getting lost (which will make for some good stories to blog about). Also, this new list I have found has some good links to OS maps that will help me find them.

So, for those of you that are interested, here is my new, extended, list of Tors (and Rocks) that I hope to reach the top of.

OtherAish Tor265m
OtherAller Brook Outcrop300m
HillAmicombe Hill [Kitty Tor]584m
OtherArch Tor394m
OtherArms Tor457m
OtherAshbury Tor309m
HillAssycombe Hill497m
OtherAusewell Rocks298m
OtherBag Tor333m
OtherBagga Tor339m
OtherBarn Hill Rocks317m
HillBeara Common311m
HillBeardown Tors513m
OtherBee Tor317m
OtherBel Tor338m
OtherBell Tor369m
HillBellever Tor443m
HillBelstone Tor479m
OtherBench Tor305m
OtherBerra Tor117m
OtherBig Rock229m
HillBirch Tor487m
OtherBlack Dunghill470m
HillBlack Hill584m
HillBlack Hill412m
OtherBlack Rock311m
OtherBlack Rocks419m
OtherBlack Tor (Brent Down)321m
OtherBlack Tor (Butterdon)335m
OtherBlack Tor (Okehampton)502m
OtherBlack Tor (Walkhampton)347m
OtherBlacka Tor (Challacombe)359m
OtherBlacka Tor (East Dart)277m
OtherBlackadon Tor261m
OtherBlackalder Tor227m
HillBlackingstone Rock355m
OtherBlackslade Rock304m
OtherBlakey Tor353m
OtherBonehill Rocks360m
OtherBottor Rock241m
OtherBoulters Tor317m
OtherBovey Rock382m
HillBowdown Cross196m
OtherBowermans Nose369m
OtherBraddon Tor493m
OtherBranscombes Loaf538m
OtherBray Tor452m
HillBrent Tor334m
OtherBrimhill Tor202m
OtherBroad Down473m
OtherBroad Rock440m
OtherBroada Stones484m
HillBroadmoor Common247m
HillBrown's House Top539m
OtherBuck Tor35m
OtherBuckland Beacon367m
OtherBullaton Rock261m
OtherBurra Tor212m
HillButterdon Hill351m
OtherButterdon Hill (Ivybridge)364m
OtherButtern Hill413m
OtherCadworthy Tor219m
OtherCallisham Tor197m
OtherCalverslake Tor388m
OtherCathanger Rock387m
HillChallacombe Down463m
OtherChat Tor542m
OtherCherrybrook Rocks462m
HillChinkwell Tor460m
OtherChurch Rock367m
OtherClaig Tor231m
OtherClaret Tor339m
OtherClay Tor436m
OtherCleave Tor309m
OtherCleft Rock106m
OtherClick Tor273m
OtherCocks Hill482m
OtherCoffin Stone304m
OtherCollard Tor231m
OtherCombestone Tor336m
OtherCombshead Tor351m
OtherConies Down Tor504m
OtherCoombe Down408m
OtherCoombe Tor252m
OtherCorndon North Tor390m
HillCorndon Tor [Corndon Down]434m
HillCosdon Hill [South Tawton Common]550m
HillCox Tor442m
OtherCramber Tor406m
OtherCreber's Rock329m
OtherCrip Tor254m
OtherCripdon Down Tors349m
OtherCrockern Tor374m
OtherCrow Tor459m
OtherCrownhill Tor220m
OtherCuckoo Rock271m
OtherCurtery Clitters512m
MountainCut Hill603m
OtherDevils Tor527m
OtherDewerstone Rock194m
OtherDinger Tor542m
OtherDoe Tor425m
OtherDown Tor346m
OtherEagle Rock93m
HillEasdon Tor439m
OtherEast Hill350m
HillEast Mill Tor513m
OtherEast Tor405m
OtherEastern Tor332m
OtherEastern White Barrow460m
OtherElsford Rock283m
OtherEmsworthy Rocks382m
OtherFeather Tor299m
OtherFiggie Daniel402m
OtherFitches Holt388m
OtherFlat Tor526m
OtherFoggin Tor391m
OtherFordsland Ledge585m
OtherFox Tor (Fox Tor Mires)404m
OtherFox Tor (Mary Tavy)183m
OtherFoxworthy Tor288m
OtherFrenchbeer Rock387m
OtherFur Tor550m
OtherFur Tor (Walkhampton)326m
OtherFurze Tor295m
OtherGer Tor406m
OtherGibbet Hill339m
OtherGibby Combe Tor240m
OtherGidleigh Tor334m
OtherGipsy Rock251m
OtherGladstone Rock192m
OtherGradner Rocks140m
OtherGreat Combe Tor245m
OtherGreat Gnats Head455m
OtherGreat Kneeset567m
HillGreat Links Tor589m
HillGreat Mis Tor538m
OtherGreat Nodden436m
OtherGreat Rock193m
HillGreat Staple Tor455m
OtherGreat Trowlesworthy Tor332m
OtherGreator Rocks348m
OtherGreen Hill452m
OtherGreen Tor543m
OtherGren Tor516m
OtherGrippers Hill390m
HillGutter Tor350m
OtherHameldown Beacon Rocks492m
OtherHameldown Tor [Grims Tor] [Hamilton Tor]529m
HillHameldown [Hamel Down]532m
MountainHampster Tor618m
OtherHangershell Rock329m
MountainHangingstone Hill603m
HillHare Tor531m
OtherHare Tor (Wapsworthy)417m
OtherHart Tor (Okehampton Common)436m
OtherHart Tor (Walkhampton)380m
OtherHartland Tor362m
OtherHarton Chest269m
OtherHawks Tor251m
HillHayne Down397m
HillHaytor Rocks457m
HillHeatree Down414m
OtherHeckwood Tor305m
OtherHedge Tor394m
OtherHeltor Hill320m
HillHeltor Rock322m
OtherHemstone Rocks448m
OtherHen Tor388m
OtherHerne Hole Tor472m
OtherHexton Tor311m
OtherHigh Tor163m
MountainHigh Willhays621m
OtherHigher Dunna Goat Tor562m
OtherHigher Hartor Tor404m
OtherHigher Tor471m
HillHigher White Tor527m
OtherHingston Hill369m
OtherHingston Rocks325m
OtherHockinston Tor181m
OtherHole Rock358m
HillHoleland Hill193m
OtherHollow Tor (Rundlestone) [Billys Tor]452m
OtherHollow Tor (Widecombe)340m
OtherHolwell Rocks374m
OtherHolwell Tor372m
OtherHoneybag Tor404m
HillHookney Tor497m
HillHound Tor414m
HillHound Tor495m
OtherHuccaby Tor336m
OtherHucken Tor283m
OtherHunt Tor562m
OtherHunter's Stone250m
HillHunter's Tor326m
OtherHunters Tor (Drewsteignton)193m
OtherIngra Tor312m
OtherIvy Tor264m
OtherJohn Cann's Rocks129m
OtherKennon Hill478m
OtherKent's Tor214m
OtherKestor Rock437m
OtherKing Tor468m
OtherKings Tor380m
OtherKingshead Tor445m
OtherKit Rocks500m
OtherKnattaborough Tor438m
HillKnowle Wood171m
OtherLangworthy Tor357m
HillLaployd Hill323m
OtherLatchell Tor252m
HillLaughter Tor421m
OtherLeather Tor351m
HillLeeden Tor389m
OtherLegis Tor283m
OtherLeigh Tor161m
OtherLeighton Tor365m
OtherLints Tor496m
OtherLittaford Tor426m
OtherLittle Bee Tor429m
OtherLittle Boulters Tor312m
OtherLittle Combe Tor217m
OtherLittle Cox Tor336m
OtherLittle Crow Tor430m
OtherLittle Down Tor296m
OtherLittle Emsworthy336m
OtherLittle Fox Tor399m
OtherLittle Gnats head393m
OtherLittle Hare Tor436m
OtherLittle Hen Tor402m
OtherLittle Holwell Tor369m
OtherLittle Hound Tor485m
OtherLittle Kes Tor393m
OtherLittle King's Tor340m
OtherLittle Kneeset487m
OtherLittle Links Tor520m
OtherLittle Longaford Tor449m
OtherLittle Mis Tor477m
OtherLittle Roos Tor377m
OtherLittle Sharp332m
OtherLittle Staple Tor362m
OtherLittle Tor531m
OtherLittle Trowlesworthy Tor319m
OtherLittle White Tor407m
OtherLittle Whiten Tor483m
OtherLogwell Rock251m
OtherLongaford Tor455m
OtherLongstone Hill412m
OtherLongtimber Tor141m
OtherLower Arms Tor411m
OtherLower Dunna Goat557m
OtherLower Hartor Tor371m
OtherLower Leather Tor331m
OtherLower Leighton330m
OtherLower Tor454m
OtherLower White Tor487m
OtherLowery Tor311m
OtherLowton Rocks414m
OtherLuckey Tor192m
OtherLydford Tor482m
OtherLynch Tor481m
OtherMaiden Tor278m
OtherManaton Rocks310m
OtherManga Rock450m
HillMapstone Hill221m
PeakMardon Down356m
HillMardon Down East Top349m
OtherMel Tor319m
HillMeldon Hill390m
OtherMerripit Hill436m
OtherMiddle Staple Tor397m
OtherMiddle Tor415m
OtherMiddleworth Tor266m
OtherNakers Hill480m
OtherNat Tor320m
HillNattaton Common333m
HillNorth Hessary Tor517m
OtherNorth Tor281m
OtherNut Crackers421m
OtherOke Tor466m
OtherOkement Hill564m
OtherOld Hill369m
OtherOld House Rocks459m
OtherOttery Tor [Ladybrook Tor]400m
OtherOver Tor344m
OtherPeek Hill385m
OtherPenn Beacon413m
HillPenn Moor493m
HillPepperdon Down353m
OtherPew Tor305m
HillPiddledown Common265m
OtherPil Tor407m
OtherPiles Hill377m
OtherPin Tor323m
OtherPinchaford Ball367m
OtherPrince Hall Rocks332m
OtherProwtytown Rocks278m
OtherPupers Rock457m
HillQuickbeam Hill481m
OtherQuintins Man534m
OtherRabbits Tor412m
OtherRaven Rock134m
OtherRavens Tor (Lustleigh)219m
OtherRavens Tor (Lydford)172m
HillRiddon Ridge380m
HillRippon Tor476m
OtherRival Tor421m
OtherRoborough Rock189m
OtherRook Tor286m
HillRoos Tor454m
OtherRouge Tor277m
OtherRough Tor (Burrator)305m
OtherRough Tor (West Dart)526m
OtherRound Hill Tor352m
OtherRowden Tor332m
OtherRowdon Rock217m
OtherRoyal Tor397m
OtherRugglestone Rock241m
OtherRundlestone Tor468m
HillRushford Tower234m
HillRyder's Hill515m
OtherSaddle Rock292m
OtherSaddle Tor415m
OtherSampford Tor279m
OtherSandy Hole Rocks (North)481m
OtherSandy Hole Rocks (South)488m
OtherScarey Tor365m
OtherScatter Rock285m
OtherScorhill Tor380m
OtherSetters Tor337m
OtherShadyback Tor235m
OtherShapley Tor465m
HillShaptor Rock268m
HillSharp Tor380m
OtherSharp Tor (Castle Drogo)220m
OtherSharp Tor (Chinkwell)391m
OtherSharp Tor (Lydford)519m
OtherSharp Tor (Peter Tavy)329m
OtherSharp Tor (Tavy Cleave)422m
OtherSharp Tor (Ugborough)394m
OtherSharpitor (Lustleigh)229m
OtherShaugh Beacon218m
OtherShavercombe Tor352m
HillSheeps Tor369m
OtherShell Top465m
OtherShelstone Tor399m
OtherShilstone Tor335m
OtherShipley Tor279m
OtherShovel Stone363m
HillSittaford Tor538m
OtherSlipper Stones460m
HillSloncombe Hill276m
OtherSmallacombe Rocks354m
OtherSmearn Down Tors313m
OtherSnappers Tor277m
OtherSourton Tor440m
HillSouth Hessary Tor454m
HillStalldown Barrow415m
OtherStandon Hill474m
OtherStannon Tor433m
HillSteeperton Tor532m
OtherStenga Tor541m
OtherStoneslade Tor429m
OtherStonetor Hill412m
OtherStrane Tor355m
OtherSwell Tor397m
OtherTavy Cleave Tors431m
OtherThe Cliff297m
OtherThornworthy Tor424m
OtherTolmen Stone360m
HillTop Tor432m
OtherTor Rocks220m
OtherTors End429m
OtherTristis Rock252m
OtherTunhill Rocks351m
HillUgborough Beacon378m
HillUgborough Moor464m
HillUppacott Down337m
OtherVag Hill253m
OtherVixen Tor280m
OtherWacka Tor395m
OtherWas Tor226m
OtherWastor Hill255m
OtherWater Hill477m
OtherWatern Tor537m
HillWay Down267m
OtherWedlake Tor352m
OtherWelstor Rock365m
OtherWest Mill Tor541m
OtherWestern Beacon308m
OtherWestern White Barrow465m
HillWhite Ridge506m
HillWhite Tor468m
OtherWhitehill Tor202m
MountainWhitehorse Hill602m
OtherWhittenknowles Rocks330m
OtherWhooping Rock393m
HillWigford Down273m
OtherWild Tor531m
OtherWillingstone Rock310m
OtherWind Tor354m
OtherWinneys Down518m
OtherWinter Tor426m
OtherWooder Goyle Rocks352m
OtherYar Tor384m
OtherYealm Rocks342m
MountainYes Tor619m
OtherYes Tor (Walkhampton)316m

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